Mini-symposium in honour of M. SPRINGER 2017


A one-day symposium on « Translation and Post-transcriptional Control », closely related to Theme 1 of the Dynamo Labex project, was organized at IBPC on October 19, 2017. The symposium was open to all IBPC and DYNAMO partners. The list of confirmed guest speakers and their general areas is provided below

The symposium coincided with the retirement of Mathias Springer, a pillar in this particular field. We took the opportunity of this conference to celebrate his long and successful career at IBPC.

List of speakers

  • Rick Gourse: "control of rRNA synthesis"
  • Eric Westhof: "RNA structure"
  • Pascale Romby: "sRNA regulation in S. aureus"
  • Marat Yusupov: "ribosome structure"
  • Pascale Cossart: "post-transcripitonal regulation Listeria"
  • Yves Mechulam: "translation initiation"
  • Fredéric Barras: "regulation of assembly of iron-sulfur complexes"
  • Maude Guiilier: "sRNA regulation E. coli"
  • Carine Tisné: "RNA structure/interactions/biogenesis"
  • Dominique Fourmy: "antibiotics and translation"
  • Harald Putzer: "post-transcriptional regulation in B. subtilis"
  • Lionel Benard: "RNA degradation in yeast"
  • Francis-André Wollman: "post-transcriptional regulation Chlamydomonas"
  • Antonin Morillon: "lncRNA in yeast"
  • Pascale Lesage: "Ty integration in yeast"
  • Ciaran Condon: "RNA degradation machinery in B. subtilisLionello Bossi: sRNA regulation in Salmonella"

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