PhD students

DYNAMO has funded a total of 18 PhD students from 9 different countries, 10 of whom have graduated so far. Of those that have graduated, 1 has obtained a permanent job, and 7 have gone on to do post-docs, mostly abroad.


WIETRZYNSKI, Wojcieh (Partner 1, UMR7141, graduated, post-doc Germany)

DI VECCHIS, Dario (Partner 2, UPR9080, graduated, post-doc UK)

BRANDNER, Astrid (Partner 2, UPR9080, PhD in progress)

LAURIN, Yoann (Partner 2, UPR9080, graduated, post-doc Belgium)

JAGODNIK, Jonathan (Partner 3, UMR8261, graduated, post-doc USA)

LIPONSKA, Anna (Partner 3, UMR8261, graduated, post-doc France)

OUSALEM, Farès (Partner 3, UMR8261, PhD in progress)

YETER, Hilal (Partner 3, UMR8261, PhD in progress)

De MIA, Marcello (Partner 4, UMR8226, graduated, post-doc?)

NAVICKAS, Albertas (Partner 4, UMR8226, graduated, post-doc USA)

ANGIUS, Federica (Partner 5, UMR7099, graduated, post-doc Netherlands)

MARCONNET, Anaïs (Partner 5, UMR7099, PhD in progress)

SISATTANA, Nathalie (Partner 5, UMR7099 PhD in progress)

ZAMBOLIN, Silvia (Partner 5, UMR7099, graduated, permanent position Sandoz)

HARDOUIN, Pierre (Partner 6, UMR8229, graduated, post-doc?)

PAPINI, Cécilia (Partner 6, UMR8229, PhD in progress)

VO, Chau Duy Tam (Partner 6, UMR8229, PhD in progress)

SAYEGH, Adnan (Partner 7, UMR7141, PhD in progress)

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