DYNAMO has funded a total of 23 postdocs so far from 9 different countries, 11 of whom have left finished their contracts. Five of those who have left DYNAMO have obtained permanent jobs and 4 have gone on to do a second post-doc.


BUCHERT, Félix (Partner 1, UMR7141, post-doc in Germany)

CASPARI, Oliver (Partner 1, UMR7141, in progress)

CHAUX, Frédéric (Partner 1, UMR7141, in progress)

MURANAKA, Ligia Segatto (Partner 1, UMR7141, Brasil)

SUAY, Loreto (Partner 1, UMR7141, permanent university position as research engineer)

MAZZANTI, Lluba (Partner 2, UPR9080, research staff Cambridge UK)

LEROY, Magali (Partner 3, UMR8261, France)

RÜTGERS, Mark (Partner 3, UMR8261, in progress)

OMAIRI NASSR, Amin (Partner 3, UMR8261, permanent position in Qiagen)

CAVAIUOLO, Marina (Partner 3, UMR8261, in progress)

MEURISSE, Julie (Partner 4, UMR8226, in progress)

GEORGESCAULD, Florian (Partner 4, UMR8226, in progress)

FINDINIER, Justin (Partner 4, UMR8226, in progress)

CROZET, Pierre (Partner 4, UMR8226, MCU Sorbonne U)

AMRANI, Amira (Partner 5, UMR7099, post-doc in France)

SOUABNI, Hager (Partner 5, UMR7099, in progress)

NTSOGO, Yvette Véronique (Partner 5, UMR7099, in progress)

CASIRAGHI, Marina (Partner 5, UMR7099, post-doc USA)

FYFE, Cameron (Partner 6, UMR8229, post-doc France)

HE, Nisha (Partner 6, UMR8229, in progress)

DUBACHEVA, Galina (Partner 7, UMR714, CNRS position CRCN 1)

ROYES MIR, Jorge (Partner 7, UMR7141, in progress)

BEAUZAMY, Léna (Partner 7, UMR7141, in progress)

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