Research themes

Research Themes


The goal of the LabEx DYNAMO is to increase our understanding of the biogenesis and function of energy transducing membranes in bacteria, chloroplasts and mitochondria. The DYNAMO project is divided into three key research tasks:

Task 1: to better understand how the modes of gene expression found in mitochondria and chloroplasts differ from those prevailing in the prokaryotic world from which they hail

Task 2: to better understand the biogenesis of these organelles and their membrane dynamics in bacteria, chloroplasts and mitochodria

Task 3: to better understand the supramolecular organisation of membranes and membrane proteins involved in electron transfer, from bacteria to organelles.

The 7 scientific partners of the DYNAMO project are as follows:

Partner 1 UMR7141 (Chloroplast Biology and Light-sensing in Microalgae, IBPC)

Partner 2 UPR9080 (Laboratory of Theoretical Biochemistry, IBPC)

Partner 3 UMR8261 (Laboratory of Microbial Gene Expression, IBPC)

Partner 4 UMR 8226 (Laboratory of Molecular and Cellular Biology of Eukaryotes, IBPC)

Partner 5 UMR7099 (Laboratory of Physical and Chemical Biology of Membrane Proteins, IBPC)

Partner 6 UMR8229 (Chemistry of Biological Processes, CdF)

Partner 7 UMR8460 (Laboratoire P.A.S.T.E.U.R, ENS)

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