Visualisation wall

The visualisation platform at the IBPC offers a 25 MPixel high-resolution large-dimension display wall with stereoscopic 3D representations for a semi-immersive experience allowing researchers to explore and manipulate their data. The display wall consists of 12 stereoscopic displays arranged in a four column by three row matrix setup with a total dimension of 4.4m wide by 1.8m high and a resolution of 7680 by 3240 pixels, adressed as a single screen through Windows, Mac OSX or Linux workstations. It allows researchers to visualise high resolutions images (e.g. from electron or confocal microscopy) and to visualise macromolecular structures and simulation trajectories in 3D.




Scientist in charge:

Marc Baaden

(DR CNRS - UPR9080)

Platform engineer:

Hubert Santuz

(IE CNRS - UPR9080)


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