2018 Angius et al.

2018 Angius et al.

A novel regulation mechanism of the T7 RNA polymerase based expression system improves overproduction and folding of membrane proteins.
Angius, Sci Rep 2018


Membrane protein (MP) overproduction is one of the major bottlenecks in structural genomics and biotechnology. Despite the emergence of eukaryotic expression systems, bacteria remain a cost effective and powerful tool for protein production. The T7 RNA polymerase (T7RNAP)-based expression system is a successful and efficient expression system, which achieves high-level production of proteins. However some foreign MPs require a fine-tuning of their expression to minimize the toxicity associated with their production. Here we report a novel regulation mechanism for the T7 expression system. We have isolated two bacterial hosts, namely C44(DE3) and C45(DE3), harboring a stop codon in the T7RNAP gene, whose translation is under the control of the basal nonsense suppressive activity of the BL21(DE3) host. Evaluation of hosts with superfolder green fluorescent protein (sfGFP) revealed an unprecedented tighter control of transgene expression with a marked accumulation of the recombinant protein during stationary phase. Analysis of a collection of twenty MP fused to GFP showed an improved production yield and quality of several bacterial MPs and of one human monotopic MP. These mutant hosts are complementary to the other existing T7 hosts and will increase the versatility of the T7 expression system.

Publié le : 22/09/2018

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