2018 Braun et al.

2018 Braun et al.

Distribution of the ribosome associated endonuclease Rae1 and the potential role of conserved amino acids in codon recognition.
Braun et al., RNA Biol 2018

We recently identified a novel ribonuclease in Bacillus subtilis called Rae1 that cleaves mRNAs in a translation-dependent manner. Rae1 is a member of the NYN/PIN family of ribonucleases and is highly conserved in the Firmicutes, the Cyanobacteria and the chloroplasts of photosynthetic algae and plants. We have proposed a model in which Rae1 enters the A-site of ribosomes that are paused following translation of certain sequences that are still ill-defined. In the only case identified thus far, Rae1 cleaves between a conserved glutamate and lysine codon during translation of a short peptide called S1025. Certain other codons are also tolerated on either side of the cleavage site, but these are recognized less efficiently. The model of Rae1 docked in the A-site allows us to make predictions about which conserved residues may be important for recognition of mRNA, the tRNA in the adjacent P-site and binding to the 50S ribosome subunit.

Publié le : 22/09/2018

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