2018 Perry et al.

2018 Perry et al.

BAmSA: Visualising transmembrane regions in protein complexes using biotinylated amphipols and electron microscopy.
Perry et al. 2018


Membrane protein (MP) complexes play key roles in all living cells. Their structural characterisation is hampered by difficulties in purifying and crystallising them. Recent progress in electron microscopy (EM) have revolutionised the field, not only by providing higher-resolution  structures for previously characterised MPs but also by yielding first glimpses into the structure of larger and more challenging complexes, such as bacterial secretion systems. However, the resolution of pioneering EM structures may be difficult and their interpretation requires clues regarding the overall organisation of the complexes, using a general procedure that allows tagging them witout resorting to neither genetic nor chemical modification. Labels bound to TM regions can be visualised directly on raw negative-stain EM images, on class averages, or on three-dimensional reconstructions, providing a novel strategy to explore the organisation of MP complexes.

Publié le : 14/01/2019

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