2019 de Mia et al.

2019 de Mia et al.

Nitric oxide rmodels the photosynthetic apparatus upon S-starvation in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii.
de Mia et al., Plant Physiology 2019


Mant photosynthetic autotrophs have evolved responses that adjust their metabolism to limitations in nutrient availability. Here we report a detailed characterization of the remodeling pf photosynthesis upon sulfur starvation under heterotrophy and photo-autotrophy in the green alga Chlamodomonas (Chlamodonomas reinhardtii). Photosynthetic inactivation under low light and darkness is achieved through specific degradation of RuBidCO and cytochrome b6f and occurs only in the presence of reduced carbon in the medium. The process is likely regulated by nitric oxide (NO), which is produced 24 hours after the onset of starvation, as detected with NOèsensitive fluorescence probes visualized by fluorescence microscopy. We provide pharmalogical evidence that intracellular NO levels govern this degradation pathway: addition of a NO scavenger decrases the rate of cytochrome

Publié le : 15/01/2019

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